The Story of Lucia Vergnano

What I like most about my job is that every day is different, it’s never repetitive. Everyday there’s something new to learn and to discover.
My idea of happiness is something that you can reach only for short moments during your lifetime. What’s difficult is being able ti catch and appreciate those little moments: the moment when you see your baby for the first time, a laugh in a difficult moment, an important event shared with the one you love, a wonderful unexpected piece of news.
My biggest fear is not to be able of seeing my kids grow up and not seeing them making their dreams come true.
What I hate the most about my personality is being too serious. Sometimes I would like to take things easy and to be able to downplay a difficult moment.
Silvie Guillem is the dancer I appreciate the most, both for her beauty, intelligence and versatility.  As choreographer, I like Jiri Kilyan for his artistic sensiblity, his elegance and musicality.  In the Gyrotonic Juliu Horvath, founder of the method, for his curiosity and his intensity.
I’m not a rebel. I have done some crazy things, but not very remarkable, things that many people have already done. Maybe, the most remarkable was spending a night on the beach with a guy, without telling anybody where I was. You can imagine the reaction of my parents when I got home!
I’m not a good liar, I blush and I can’t keep my eyes on the person I am talking with, but I think I could lie with no doubt to protect the people I love!
What I don’t like about my job is that it hasn’t the right appreciation it deserves. It’s an underestimated category and with little protection in many ways. The dancer decides to undertake this carrier because he’s pushed by a deep passion and sometimes this leads him to accept compromises, ignoring his rights.
I’m lucky, because my job gives me the chance to travel, of seeing amazing places and dancing in fantastic theatres. I have enjoyed  and felt so many emotions, that I can’t tell which has been the happiest moment in my carrier. There have been many great deal: the first time I stepped on the stage, the first time I danced a solo which was created for me, the day I was told that I have been accepted by Aterballetto, the time I recovered from a long injury and I danced again.
Change? Physically speaking, I would change my hair, I would like them curly and big, and instead my hair is very straight. Talking about my personality, I would like to be braver and less rational.
My biggest working achievement has been the ability of managing my being a mother and a dancer, getting great satisfaction from both aspects.
There’s not a particular place where I would like to live. I believe that if you are with the people you love, you can live everywhere. I like to travel and I would like to travel more, so to know new places and cultures.
My biggest treasure is my experience, everything that I have experienced, whether negative or positive until today and I would like to share it with younger people, so they can have the chance of having the right abilities to do better than I did.
It’s difficult to speak about ourselves, but I think that the  clearest characteristic about myself is my reliability and professionality.
Piazza Fontanesi is the place in Reggio Emilia, where I like to spend my free time reflecting and watching people. I like its benches, the trees and the children running, playing and teasing the pidgeons.
The restaurant that I like the most and has also a special place in my heart, is “La Badessa”. I had my wedding reception there and I like to go there at least once a year. The owner really loves his job, and both the food and the wine are fantastic.
I like to read and many books have influenced my way of thinking in different moments of my life, but the first book I remember with a special affection and that maybe made me interesting in reading is “Fiabe Italiane” by Italo Calvino. A book of short stories that my mum read to us in the summer, before going to bed.
I don’t have a favourite writer, but I like thrillers, those with humour.
I like Fred Vargas, Camilla Lackberg, Andrea Camilleri.
Music on my last day? I like listening to the song that Hektor and I chose for our wedding day, “Ovunque Proteggi” by Vinicio Caposela.
I don’t have a hero, but it makes me laugh and I like to think that one day I could become like the mum in “Modern Family”. A working mum, that loves her children but who doesn’t give up to have some time for herself and that tries to face everyday with good humour and irony. 
My real life heroes are my parents. I have learnt a great deal from both of them, both giving me important values and they always supported me.
Being Italian, one of the movies I recommend is “Life is beautiful” by Roberto Benigni. It’s a historical movie, that tells in an original way a period, which has changed forever our history.
Art is my job and it has a great impact on my life. It has raised me, it has made me the person I am today and I am still interested and passionate about it. I think my life would be boring without it.
I am lucky to have an elder sister and a younger brother, the age difference is little, and both are my sponsors and fans. I have shared with them my secrets and they are always ready to support and encourage me.
Some years ago, I did a course to become a Gyrotonic trainer (, that I would like to develop, so I would like to work with Juliu Horvath, the founder of this method.
Since I haven’t yet had the chance of meeting Horvat, I would like to meet him.
I’m facing a period in my life of deep transition. I’m becoming a mother for the second time and I will have to reorganize all my life, also workiwise. My dream in life is to open a Gyrotonic studio, that can become a reference for the dancers but also for those who want to keep fit and to feel good physically and psychologically.
I still see myself here in Reggio Emilia, even if it’s a small city, it’s very rich in chances and initiatives. The people here have proven to be curious and positive towards new projects that have to be built together.
Passion Never Retires? This sentence is almost a motto for me. It’s what makes me get through the day. Without passion, you wouldn’t go anywhere. Passion and determination are the keys in life, to reach the goals, whatever they may be.  
Which creative heroines to Invite? Sita Ostheimer, Laura Matano, Lucrezia Caricola
Where can you contact me?  I’m a Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis trainer at Let’s Dance in Reggio Emilia ( You can contact me on Facebook, Instagram @unamammaingyro or by email 

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