About Peter

In 2007 I had a near death experience in which I saw clearly what I would want to do with the rest of my life when I got the chance. Travel, write, true love. Be of significance. So I did. Travelled in cities of the world. Wrote tens of books. Discovered my Hero’s Journey.

On the shoulders of the mythologist Joseph Campbell who inspired me in 1999 by his life’s dedication to the study of the one great story of mankind I decided to develop a new kind of travel guide. In 2012 with the publication of The Heroine Journey and The Hero’s Journey guides, I invited professionals all over the world to tell and share their story about their passions, what makes them happy, what are their worst enemies within, how and where to get inspiration in their city, who are their rolemodels, which projects they look forward to. In short. To tell their present story. By asking these questions I was triggering them to get away from stories and strategies based on fears or doubts and re-focussing their story on the basic drivers of all successful heroes and heroines throughout time: passion, adventure, happiness, inspiration, action-execution, a perpetual self – renewing entrepreneurial story.

Now in 2016 I am launching The Grand Tour. I love Italy.  Was married in Italy in 2001 in the Uffizi in Florence. Every time i dream of travelling the first place in mind is Italy.  In the Grand Tour we explore the power of the story we tell ourselves about ourselves. Most important how we can rewrite that story to transform our business and our life. I believe that meeting your heroes  – people who are your rolemodels in living a life they love – is the best way to get your own story straight.  That is why I invite italian professionals with interesting professions and businesses to be a mentor for somebody who wants to have expert advice about how to find or create their own dreamjob.

The Grand Tour has a long history of people who travelled to Italy to enrich their experience of life and return with a interesting story to tell.  If you feel you are up to your own Grand Tour you are very welcome.

Peter                                                                                                                                                                   May 2016